Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

No More Private Message

“Hey, when will you come back from Paris?”

“Didn’t you see my instagram stories?”


“Oh Babe, please, use your social media account to know anything. And it will be fun”


It is not the first time, I heard or read about that. I don’t know what I can say about that. By the presence of modern technology will make the people easier to get communication. Yes, very EASIER. But, some of them didn’t know how exactly using the modern technology.  

For now, the people aren’t using SMS anymore. There are many app as a substitute SMS such as, line, whatsapp, BBM, We chat, and etc. Of course, you will get this app only from your smartphone.

By using smartphone, everything will be easier.You just need to download from playstore and get all the app that you want.  You can chat with your friend or join some group. Each of the app is also provide something new, and you can get it by update your app. For example, whatsapp can used for making stories. Now, it same with instagram.

I use whatsapp for communication with others and it very useful. Unfortunately, some people use this with something useless. How can I say that it is disturbing?  Because there are many people who feel “important”. When someone ask you, “where will you go tonight”, then they will say, “I think you must see my whatsapp recently updates”. It’s like no more talking privately. You just see their updates and you will know anything about them. *Sigh

What they get from that? Showing something to others that maybe not making others interest? You know that not everyone sees your stories and want to know more about you. And the bad thing is, when they start to send you a message privately, you just say “check my stories”. It means that, private message isn’t useful anymore. So, if you want to know what happen about your friends, you just need to see the instagram stories. See???? LOL.


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