Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

Just Enjoy Your Own World

I always think that not all the conversation is important They just spend  their useless time.

Stupa       : Are you jobless? Why are you not looking some job?
Brillie       : Im not jobless. Just enjoying my “own world”.
Stupa       : Your “own world”? What kinds of that?
Brillie       : I just enjoy something that makes me happy.
Stupa       : Happy? Happy for what? Did you produce some money by enjoying your own world?
Brillie       : No.
Stupa       : what!!!! How come???? Are you happy by not produce some money? Are you crazy?
Brillie       : No. I think you are crazy. LOL
Stupa       : what the......

Sometimes, the people just don’t understand about other’s opinion. Then, they judge as they want. Yeah....that’s life. Even you do something that makes you happy, there will be someone who don’t like. And, remember that enjoying your “own world” that can’t produce money doesn’t mean you don’t need money. Everything needs money, right?


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