Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

You were born to be special. But, not all the people have more confident. Sometimes I feel less confident, and then I feel over confident (but don’t too over). Yeah, life is full of up and down. Talking about confident, many people think that only person who has perfect face that have more confident. And the reality, confident comes from your deepest soul. Sometimes the people didn’t notice that they have a power to be more confident.

Are you belong to person who have less confident? Don’t worry, maybe this ways will help you to be more confident. It is easy to be someone who feel comfortable everywhere. But, there are many people who still feel awkward even at the important moment. If you ever felt that thing, you need to try this way. Here are...

1. Be Yourself

Just be your self. Be the best of your self. ‘Coz we have something unique that we don’t know. But, there’re many people who try to be someone else because they don’t have self confident. Just be you. Trust me that you’re unique and interesting.

2. Love Yourself

No, loving your self isn’t selfish. It’s just one of the way, how you feel comfort and confident. Many people still don’t know that confident started from loving their self. So, if you want to improve your confident, just love your self babe.

3. Always Positive Thinking

Yap, sometimes this part is very easy to tell but hard to do. Let your mind always be positive, and then you will be confident. Let your problem go with the flow and everything will be easier. Though you’re in bad situation, but positive thinking will help you.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Everyone has different story. So, don’t compare yourself with others. If you always do that, you will always less confident. You have “chapter” that other people don’t know. You have your own way to fight your “chapter”, so don’t compare with others and you will be more confident.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

Being more confident is easy, just do something what makes you happy. Don’t force yourself by doing something that you don’t like. Then, what the correlation between what you’ve done with self confident? Yes, there is. When you do something that you love, it will make you feel comfort, feelings of happiness then you will be more confident. Trus me,It works. LOL





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