Selasa, 26 September 2017

Who Are You Yes you. I dont really know about you. But why? Why are you always come into my dream? Okay fine. Maybe it seems “too much”. No...I mean “Lebay”. Lebay is feeling too much about something. I dont know more about you. But, your face is always show in my mind. I really really dont know how to describe this feeling. But, lemme say something about you.

I see your smile in my sleep
I feel like I know you
Who are you?
Did I know you?
Did we know each other?
Every time I close my eyes, Why are you always present?
I just want to know
Who are you?
Sometimes, I feel like I know you
Is it true that you know me too?

Sometimes, Im so confuse about this feeling. From my deepets heart, I know who you are. But, it seems like impossible. We never be the one. But, who knows? How if God let us be the one?

#WhoAreYou #ByMissAnt

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