Kamis, 28 September 2017

Strange People In Your Life

Life is complicated. Some people think that there are many strange people around you. I feel that moment when someone you know is changing to be others. I don’t know the reason, why some people change so fast. Yeah....that’s life babe. You can be the one who care for others, but they never think like you do. Just be you and never be someone else.
You will find the people with a lot of mask. When you think that person is good, unfortunately you’re wrong. Because they just wearing their mask. So, be careful with the people around. They will leave you if they don’t get anything from you. Some people will not care about you until you have “anything”. I think, you must have a lot of money to makes someone love you. LOL
How can you leave person who care about you, Always be your side, Can be understood about your situation. Why? Even, some people more choose new people to be friend than “old friend”.  Actually, what are they looking for? It’s okay that someone wants to have a lot of friend. But, remember that all not your friend is really care about you. B’coz life is about choosing someone who really cares about you.
Maybe, you never think what happen in your life. You may think that people always good for you, never betray you, Always by your side. But, it’s not true. Life isn’t as simple as that babe. You will find something “unpredictable thing” that will change you to be strong person. But, don’t worry. It’s normal in someone’s life.
You may feel sick of that people, but life must go on. You just need to make your life better. Don’t hate the people who don’t care about you. Life is full of strange people. Now you know better about them, but tomorrow will different. Don’t trus anyone. You can make a friend with everyone. But DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Remember this. Not now. But, someday you will know.
Actually, I just weak person who can’t don’t care about someone’s else. I don’t want to have some problem with them. I need them. As a human, we need each others, right? But, the reality is not good. Sometimes we meet someone who very annoying. They try to bring you down. Yeah....I hate this one. This part if annoying life but......you must go a head and smile.
You never know what it’s like until you feel it. I can speak like this, no.....not speak but write this because I felt it. And it makes me stronger than before. For that experienced, its really change everything. Change the way you think of others. You will feel it until it happen to you. So...I can’t describe more about it. Just wait, and let it happen naturally. If you’re lucky, you will feel it and change you to be strongest person.

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