Jumat, 29 September 2017

Don't Too Fast To Judge

Every people has different opinion. Yeah, it’s normal babe. But, some people too fast to judge without having “normal” thought. Yes, I call it a “normal thought”. It means that, they just see from one side and don’t know what the fact. It easy to judge others and talking bad thing behind them without knowing what happen with them, right?
We have a different problem. And never know what happen in our life in the next. Now, we have everything that we want. But, always prepare for the thing that will happen tomorrow. Life is unpredictable, so you must ready for something that will surprise you”, yes. Call it surprise.
Many people think that they’re perfect and easy to blame others. In this case, I don’t know how they did that. Why they always judge too fast? Hm.....it’s okay. This is life. You will meet someone who always find your weakness. So, be careful.
People actually don’t want to know about your problem. They just want to know but not really care aka “kepo”. Then, they have their opinion to share others about you. And it’s not true. Yes, as simple as that.
But, don’t worry babe. They may judge you whatever they want. You just need to don’t care about them. Life is complicated, you will always meet someone like that. There will be someone who don’t like about everything you do. It’s okay babe, don’t worry.
Don’t too fast to judge before knowing the truth. Judging so fast is easy and become one of someone’s weakness. You may close with some people, but it doesn’t mean that you know anything about them. So, think smart dan don’t too fast to judge.

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